Who puts up those blue plaques I see around the city?

We do!

The first blue plaque in Wolverhampton was issued in 1983 and was for Thomas Graham, founder of the Express and Star newspaper. Since then, over 100 blue plaques have been erected in the city, honouring important achievements by individuals and companies, as well as places where something of historical importance occurred.

How are they made?

It’s an interesting process, and not one you might have thought of before. Check out the video below from Lumley Designs, who manufacture the plaques for us.

How are the recipients of plaques decided upon?

The plaques are a combination of those from donors and from submissions from the public. For example, a recent plaque was paid for by the Nurses Trust that worked at the Royal Hospital and will go on the building when redevelopment work begins.

How much does a plaque cost?

Handmade and hand-painted cast iron is not cheap and the does vary, depending on complexity. We would be able to give an accurate cost after contacting our supplier.

How do I go about nominating someone for a plaque?

Simply contact us below, with the subject “Blue Plaque Proposal”.


Where can I find a list of the existing and proposed plaques?

Head over to the Locations and Map page.