Dear Members and Friends of the Wolverhampton Society,

As we approach the end of a year that has been exceptionally challenging for a number of reasons, I wanted to inform you about some imminent changes that will affect the operation of our society. 

Firstly, the current constitution requires us to hold an AGM this December or in January 2021.  However, attempting to do so in these uncertain times – even via digital means – will disenfranchise many members.  Therefore, the committee have decided to defer the AGM until such time as it is possible to convene a traditional meeting at which all members can attend and elect a new management committee.  Until that happy event takes place, the routine administrative functions of the society will be managed by an interim committee made up of members of the current team.

Secondly, the coronavirus lockdown has given many of us the opportunity to review our current responsibilities.  Consequently, Andy Sloane and I will not be putting our names forward for re-selection to the new Wolverhampton Society committee.  Both of us have increasing personal, academic and professional commitments which make it impossible to discharge our committee roles effectively.  Therefore, Andy and I will formally stand-down as Chairman and Treasurer/Digital Officer on 20 December.  Thereafter, the interim committee will be led by our Vice-Chairman, Suhail Rana.  Contact with the society can still be made through its email address:  or directly to Suhail, at

Andy Sloane (L) and Quintin Watt (R), promoting “Wolverhampton’s Great War 1914-1921”

Andy and I would like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that we will continue as society members and support the activities of the Wolverhampton Society.  When we have more time, we will pursue our own projects.  In my case, I hope to set up an informal research group to work on various local history projects, such as the one that led to the production of the book, Wolverhampton’s Great War, 1914-21.  Andy wishes to establish a dedicated “Museum of Wolverhampton” group, alongside pursuing his own interests in local research.  

Due to data protection regulations, we will not be able to do so without your express permission, once we have left the committee. If you would like to stay in touch with either of us, please get in touch with us, either via, or

If you would like to get involved in running the Wolverhampton Society – either as a committee member or helper – please contact Suhail and let him know.

I would like to end by thanking everyone I have worked with during my time with the Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society, the Wolverhampton Literary and Scientific Society and the Wolverhampton Society.  Once Covid-19 has been consigned to the dustbin of history, I look forward to seeing you all again. 

In the meantime, please make sure to buy a copy of this year’s Lamp magazine, as well as the society’s book – Wolverhampton’s Great War, 1914-21.  The latter will make an excellent stocking-filler this Christmas!  Please get in touch with me if you would like to order copies of either publication.

All the best and stay safe,


Chairman: The Wolverhampton Society

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