Dear Member/Friend,

It is with regret that I must inform you that the next two Wolverhampton Society events have been postponed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).  These presentations – on Tuesday 31 March (Wolverhampton Low Level Station by Keith Hodgkins) and 28 April (The Princess Irene Brigade by Angus Dunphy) – will now be re-arranged for later dates. 

As it difficult to predict when the Coronavirus ‘all-clear’ announcement will be given, our subsequent meetings – in May and June – are also likely to be affected.  You will receive information about any future decisions made by the Wolverhampton Society committee via email, or by looking at our website or Facebook page. 

We do apologise for this disruption to our programme, but we want all of our members and friends to stay safe at this difficult time.  Given that our talks attract many members of society who would count as “vulnerable”, we feel a particular duty of care to ensure that everyone stays as safe as possible.

During this period of enforced hibernation and seclusion, you can always keep in touch with us via email, Facebook or our website.  The Wolverhampton Society has an excellent online presence and, to turn a negative into a positive, this could be the moment you start to engage with us in a digital way! 

Until we meet again, all the very best and stay safe. If you have any further questions about this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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