From Strength to Strength

2019 has been an exceptionally successful year for the Wolverhampton Society so far. Membership has increased significantly and attendance to our talks has more than doubled. Whilst this is hugely positive news, we want to be more successful and that’s where you can help us. Like any volunteer organisation, we are run by a team of unpaid, but highly dedicated volunteers. With the year rapidly drawing to a close, thoughts turn to 2020 and what the society needs to move forwards. What we need is new committee members, who can offer their services to help proudly promote the city of Wolverhampton.

Whilst our current committee has a number of dedicated individuals who bring their expertise to the organisation, we need your help to continue our work and to grow. Whilst we aim to promote history, science, literature and civic pride, we are predominately a group of history-minded individuals and we need to diversify.

If you have a passion for any of the following: science, literature, civic matters or planning issues, we would love to talk to you about joining us to help steer our organisation and set the agenda for the future.

I’m Interested!

If you’re interested, please get in touch via the contact form below. To be a member of our committee, you would need to fit the following criteria:

  1. Be a member of the society. This is very simple; just £15 per year will sign you up as a full member and give you access to our 11 member talks for free, as well as a copy of the 2020 edition of the Wolverhampton Lamp.
  2. Be able to attend a committee meeting each month. These are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month, but full details are communicated in advance.
  3. Dedicate some of your time to promoting the society and the city of Wolverhampton. Whilst our committee members all have jobs or other commitments, we need people to contribute some of their time. Whether it is attending meetings with third parties, attending monthly talks, or working on projects, we would ask for some form of commitment, but there is no requirement for this to be onerous.

If you are interested in helping us promote Wolverhampton, then please get in touch via the form below. We will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have and we’d love to have you on board.


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